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My name is Alex, I'm a freelance photographer and content creator based in the picturesque city of York, North Yorkshire. Specialising in Food, Travel and Lifestyle photography, I utilise a documentary approach to my work with a preference to capturing the world in its best natural light. 

Travelling much of Europe, Australasia and South East Asia has given me an appreciation for culture, ideas, people and places. It has allowed me to combine my 3 great passions Photography, Travel and Food, whilst presenting the opportunity to work with many wonderful people from around the globe and with some great brands, on a local and international scale. 

Whether you are looking to promote new or existing products with enticing and captivating imagery; connect with your audience by creating new and interesting content for your social media, website or marketing channels; or simply tell your story visually, I can help bring your vision to life. 

To me a great photo is about more than just a skilfully arranged composition, a great photo should live up to the aphorism 'A photo is worth a thousand words' speaking volumes to the viewer. A photo should tell a story, communicating ideas, emotions and values, a truly great image should denote a sense of character and encompass the atmosphere of an environment regardless of the subject matter but most of all it should inspire the viewer.

To be inspired or find out how I can help tell your story contact me

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